Seminar Announcement: Yann Boucher

Data pubblicazione: 15-apr-2017 17.46.52


Wednesday, 12 April 2017, 15:00

Sala Grande Palazzina B via alla Cascata 56/C

All-Analytical Modelling of Photonic Structures: Mode-Coupling and Resonators

Yann Boucher

FOTON Lab (CNRS UMR 6082) Lannion, France


All-analytical modelling provides an attractive way of investigating the main optical features of active or passive photonic structures, using simple tools (most notably that of Linear Algebra) in order to follow the influence of each relevant parameter while still retaining the physical picture. In this respect, resonators and couplers are key elements with universal signification: confining the field enhances light-matter interaction, with the added advantage of spectral selectivity, while the Q-factor depends heavily on the input/output coupler.

We’ll notably present the potential of Extended (3x3) Transfer Matrix Formalism including sources, an original approach enabling one to describe the spectral and energetic properties of an active single-mode resonator, from Amplified Spontaneous Emission to laser oscillation.

We’ll also discuss resonant modal conversion in a two-mode waveguide coupled to a single-mode microring resonator presenting possible Kerr-type nonlinearity.