A wide network of collaboration is working, including a large number of local, national, and foreign research centers, as well as technological advanced private and public structures. The synergy with local research centers and university is optimal.

IFN Trento is one of the actors of the “Trentino system for research and high education” and successfully operates in this framework driven by specific agreements and committees:

    • Framework agreement between Autonomous Trento Province (PAT) and National Research Council (CNR)

    • Framework agreement between National Research Council (CNR) and Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK)

    • Framework agreement between National Research Council (CNR) and University of Trento

    • Memorandum of Understanding between IFN and FBK

    • Strategic Advisory Board CNR-FBK

    • Scientific and Technical Committee CNR-FBK

    • Memorandum of Understanding between IFN and Physics Department of University of Trento

The collaborations activated at national and international level reflect the ability of IFN researchers to promote scientific and technical networking leading to projects of local, national, and international strategic interest including European projects. A non-exhaustive and continually evolving list of collaborating institution and scientists is given below:

Centro Fermi, Roma, Italy, Giancarlo C. Righini (Glass Photonics and applications).

CNES, Centre national d’études spatiales, Toulouse, France, Gilles Cibiel (The common activity is defined in the Act of Engagment between IFN and CNES regarding SHYRO project).

CNR-IFAC, Microdevices for Photonics Laboratory, Firenze, Italy, Stefano Pelli, Gualtiero Nunzi Conti, Giancarlo C. Righini (Micro-optical devices for photonics; Glass integrated optics).

College of Engineering, Swansea University, Swansea, UK, Stefano Taccheo (Laser, Laser materials, Optical amplifiers, Fibers).

DEMat, Departamento de Engenharia de Materiais, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal, Rui Almeida (Glasses and thin films for nanophotonics and integrated optics).

Departamento de Química, Universidade de São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, Rogéria Rocha Gonçalves (Sol-Gel Photonics).

School of Physics, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, Alexander Quandt (Computational and Theoretical Solid State Physics).

ENSSAT, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Sciences Appliquées et de Technologies, CNRS, Université de Rennes1, Lannion, France, Feron Patrice (Integrated optics microlasers and microresonators).

ILM, Institut Lumière Matière, CNRS, l'Université Claude Bernard Lyon1, Lyon, France, Joel Bellessa, Bernard Champagnon, Christophe Dujardin (Functional Materials and Optics of Materials, Nanoscience, Nanomaterials, Nanophotonics).

IMMM, Institut des Molécules et Matériaux du Mans, CNRS, Université du Maine, Le Mans, France, Brigitte Boulard, Claire Arfuso Duverger (Fluoride-based glasses and photonic systems).

Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Wroclaw, Poland, Wieslaw Strek, Anna Lukowiak (RED glass ceramics and micro- nanocomposites).

Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio (CSIC), Departamento de Vidrios, Madrid, Spain, Alicia Duran (Photonic glass ceramics).

International Training Institute for Materials Science (ITIMS) and Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (AIST), Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam, Nguyen Duc Chien, Tran Ngoc Khiem, Pham Thanh Huy, (Functional photonic materials and devices, fabrication and assessment; Nanoscience and Nanotechnology; Sustainable Energy Systems).

IUT, Institut Universitaire de Technologie du Mans, Le Mans, Claire Arfuso (Research and formation stages for IUT students. The common activity is defined in the Memorandum of Understanding between IFN-Trento and IUT Le Mans).

Laboratory of Photonic Materials, Institute of Chemistry, UNESP, Araraquara, Brazil, Ribeiro Sidney (Materials for Photonic Applications: Glasses, Optical Fibers and Sol-Gel Materials).

LASIR, Laboratoire de Spectrochimie Infrarouge et Raman, CNRS, Université de Lille1 et de Lille2, Lille, France, Sylvia Turrel (Photorefractive Materials, non-conventional glasses, Structural properties).

National Institute of Telecommunications, Department of Transmission and Optical Technologies in Warsaw, and Kielce University of Technology, Poland, Marian Marciniak (Optical communication, Information Science and Technology).

Novel Photonic Glasses Group of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Nottingham, U.K., Angela Seddon (Nano- and micro-structure of special glasses; optical properties; optical devices).

NRC National Research Center, Giza, Egypt, Inas Kamal Battisha (Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials-Smart optical nanostructures for green photonics ).

Politecnico Bari, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e dell’Informazione, Bari, Italy, Francesco Prudenzano, (Modeling of photonic structures and devices).

Ruder Boskovic Institute, Laboratory for Molecular Physics, Zagreb, Croatia, Mile Ivanda (LPCVD and PVD techniques for photonics films and advanced applications; Development of new methods and techniques of Raman scattering).

Università di Padova, Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale Set. Materiali, Padova, Italy, Alessandro Martucci (Sol-gel materials for photonics).

Università di Verona, Dipartimento di Biotecnologie, Laboratorio di Chimica dello Stato Solido, Verona, Italy, Marco Bettinelli (RED glasses and crystals).

Universitè Béni Mellal, Faculté des Sciences & Techniques, Départment de Physique Appliquée, Morocco, Adel Bouajaj (All-optical chemical and biochemical sensing).

Universiti Teknologi Mara, Faculty of Applied Science, Shah Alam, Malaysia, Hj Mohd Kamil Abd Rahman (Sol gel - derived photonic devices).

Veneto Nanotech, Laboratorio di Ottica, Venezia-Marghera, Italy, Francesco Enrichi (Photonic Materials. The common activity is defined in the Memorandum of Understanding between IFN-Trento and Veneto Nanotech).