The “Photonics: Materials, Structures and Diagnostic” Trento IFN UOS of the Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies (IFN) belongs to the Department of Physics Sciences and Matter Technologies (DSFTM) of National Research Council (CNR).

The scientific and technological experties, as well as the diagnostic techniques, which constitute an important patrimony of Trento IFN UOS, cover the full range from the study of physical mechanisms crucial for synthesis, development and characterization of innovative photonic materials to design and fabrication of devices suitable for application in strategic interest areas such as sensing, information technology, and light sources. The IFN area of expertise includes investigation of local structure, crystallization, energy transfer, optical and spectroscopic properties of rare-earth activated glasses and planar waveguides prepared by several techniques including sol-gel route, RF-sputtering, and co-evaporation. Several original diagnostic techniques have been developed in order to assess the physical-chemical properties of synthesized materials. The research activity of the IFN unit is validated by a large number of scientific publications and communications and by active participation in projects of local, national, and international strategic interest. This also thanks to the innovative lift of the proposed research subjects in that favor cross-disciplinarily among physics, material science, and technologies crucial for fabrication of materials, structures, and photonic devices as well as for the assessment of their physical and chemical properties. The tackled subjects enhance the growing of technological and scientific competences in area of photonics potentially transferable to innovative commercial deliverables. The social impact of the activity concerns professional training of high-qualified researchers in the area of photonics and in the technological-scientific innovation of synthesis of materials, fabrication and characterization techniques, devices architecture, and understanding of physical mechanisms. A wide network of collaboration is already working, including a large number of local, national, and foreign research centers, as well as technological advanced private and public structures. The synergy with local research centers and university, as well as are optimal. The numerous collaborations activated at national and international level reflect the ability of IFN researchers in promoting projects of strategic interest, including European projects.


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