Seminar Announcement: Somayeh Nodehi

Data pubblicazione: 15-set-2017 7.14.16


Thursday, 14 September 2017, 11:30

Sala Grande Palazzina B via alla Cascata 56/C

"Microfiber resonator and their application"

Somayeh Nodehi

Visiting Researcher at IFN-CNR Milano


Microfiber Resonators are considered as an alternative waveguide due to their low- cost and accessible fabrication technology. Those have various applications from sensors to laser generators. Among all the applications, this talk focuses mainly about combination of microfiber resonators for filter application. Several novel simple types of microfiber knot structures are introduced. These structures generate a periodic output spectrum with an adjustable band-pass using Vernier effect. Also this work shows how using linear effect on complex structures such as Mach-Zhender-knot, double-knot causes to tune and modify filter factors. It is calculated that the obtained finesse from these structures is bigger than that of a single knot. The structures with different size are fabricated in order to obtain various spectra with different bandwidth and increase the suppression ratio that resulted from Vernier effect.

Finally, we investigate the nonlinearity phenomena (Kerr effect) in a single knot. The results are used to design an XOR gate. A comparison between thresholds power of stimulation this nonlinearity at passive and active microfiber are shown We’ll also discuss resonant modal conversion in a two-mode waveguide coupled to a single-mode microring resonator presenting possible Kerr-type nonlinearity.