Seminar Announcement: Dragana Jovanović

Data pubblicazione: 13-set-2017 21.20.25


Monday, 11 September 2017, 10:00

Sala Grande Palazzina B via alla Cascata 56/C

"Synthesis, characterization and applications of rare-earth doped nanoparticles from bulk to nano-dimensions"

Dragana Jovanović

Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade, Laboratory of

Radiation Chemistry and Physics, Optical Materials and Spectroscopy Group,

Belgrade, Serbia


In this presentation, it will be presented my research activity based on the preparation, characterization and applications of different luminescent materials.

For synthesis of inorganic luminescent nanoparticles with different sizes and forms (powder, suspensions and colloids), several different methods of synthesis were used: colloidal route, reverse micelles, co-precipitation and solid state reaction at high temperature. These methods could produce different size and morphology of nanoparticles: from ultra-small in size of 2 nm up to bulk material in micrometers size. It is very interesting to see size effects on all their optical properties, because different size and morphology allow nanoparticles to be used for different applications.

Here, it will be presented my recent published results obtained on the RE3+-doped GdVO4 nanoparticles with different sizes and morphologies. Up to now, due to their multifunctionality, these synthesized nanoparticles were used in different fields, as well as: temperature and chemical sensors, multicolor and white up-convertors, bio-imaging and photothermal agents.