Seminar Announcement: Alexander Quandt

Data pubblicazione: 15-ott-2019 14.58.28


Tuesday, 15 October 2019, 15:00

Sala Grande Palazzina C via alla Cascata 56/C

"Computational Photonics and Topological Materials"

Alexander Quandt

University of the Witwatersrand,

WITS University 1 Jan Smuts Avenue Braamfontein 2000,


South Africa


In recent years it became clear that many photonic structures show interesting topological properties, which had simply been overlooked in the past. I will give an introduction into this fascinating topic and discuss various examples like topological photonic crystals and topological waveguide arrays. My focus will be on an elementar y discussion of the main results, where I will slightly deviate from the standard approaches and show how to apply rather intuitive concepts like the Brouwer degree, instead of falling back on more abstract mathematical concepts. Finally, I will discuss so me of the numerical approaches used to study topological photonic systems.