Seminar Announcement: Andrea Chiappini

Data pubblicazione: 26-nov-2020


Thursday, 3 December 2020, 10:30-12:00

virtual room here:

Andrea Chiappini will present one of the research topics of our Unit at FBK-CMM

"Photonic Crystal Stimuli-Responsive Chromatic Sensors: A Short Review"

Andrea Chiappini

CNR-IFN, Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie- Trento,

Gruppo CSMFO,

Caratterizzazione e Sviluppo di Materiali per la Fotonica e l'Optoelettronica,

Via alla Cascata 56/C,

38123 Trento (TN), Italy


Optical sensing, taking advantage of the variety of available optical structures, is a rapidly expanding area. Over recent years, whispering gallery mode resonators, photonic crystals, optical waveguides, optical fibers and surface plasmon resonance have been exploited to devise different optical sensing configurations. In the present seminar we will discuss the state of the art of optical sensing devices based on 3D photonic crystals (PhCs) coupled to responsive materials. In the specific we will focus the attention on different PhCs, with particular reference to our own results in the field of mechanochromic sensors, where any physical phenomenon which affects the periodicity and the refractive index of the PhC structure induces changes in the intensity and spectral characteristics of the reflected, transmitted or diffracted light. Optical measurements allow one to sense, for instance, temperature, pressure, strain, chemical parameters, like pH and ionic strength, and the presence of chemical or biological elements. We believe that PhC sensors based on changes of structural color and mechanochromic effect are able to provide a promising, technologically simple, low-cost platform for further developing devices and functionalities.