Data pubblicazione: 6-giu-2014 8.36.44

5th International Workshop on Photoluminescence in Rare Earths (PRE'14): Photonic Materials and Devices

May 14-16, 2014, San Sebastian, Spain

Welcome to "PRE", the International Workshop on Photoluminescence in Rare-Earths: Photonic Materials and Applications.

The first workshop, PRE’05 was held in Trento, Italy, in May 2005 and covered a wide range of researches of rare-earth ions in optoelectronics and photonics.

The second, PRE’07, was held again in Trento, in May 2007, the third, PRE’10, in Firenze, on April 2010, and the fourth in Kyoto, on March 2012. Following the success of these four workshops, we are glad to follow the best traditions of the series and decided to organize the fifth workshop in San Sebastian. We hope to provide opportunities for discussions between researchers working on photoluminescence of rare-earth ions in various materials and devices.

We extend our warmest greetings to you, and hope you will have a enjoyable stay in the spring season of San Sebastian during PRE'14.