IOCP 2024

Data pubblicazione: 19-mar-2024

The 1st International Online Conference on Photonics

A Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Photonics: Exploring Cutting-Edge Technologies and Applications of Optics and Photonics

14–16 October 2024 | Online

Dear Colleagues,

The 1st International Online Conference on Photonics, centered around the theme of optics and photonics, is scheduled to take place from October 14–16, 2024. This conference aims to highlight and facilitate the utilization of recent advancements in all areas related to optics and photonics, as well as to address complex issues, exchange the latest scientific breakthroughs, and guide the development of future technologies and processes in these fields.

This conference is an excellent opportunity for Optics and Photonics researchers and scientists to interact with each other, communicate with colleagues, learn from each other, share ideas and experiences, jointly solve problems, and suggest alternative solutions for a better future in the Optics and Photonics industry. The main topics of this conference are as follows:
S1. Biophotonics and Biomedical Optics
S2. Optical Communication and Network
S3. Optoelectronics and Optical Materials
S4. Lasers, Light Sources and Sensors
S5. Optical Interaction Science
S6. Quantum Photonics and Technologies
S7. Data-Science Based Techniques in Photonics
S8. New Applications Enabled by Photonics Technologies and Systems

Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the conference committee. All accepted abstracts will be available online in Open Access form on during and after the conference. Participants have the chance to win four highly coveted Best Oral Presentation Awards and Best Poster Presentation Awards, with prize money.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I welcome your attendance at the 1st International Online Conference on Photonics.

Kind regards,
Prof. Dr. Francesco Prudenzano
Entries Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy
Prof. Dr. Huabei Jiang
Department of Medical Engineering, University of South Florida, USA

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