EOSAM 2022

Data pubblicazione: 24-feb-2022

EOS Annual Meeting (EOSAM) 2022

Porto, Portugal

12 - 16 September 2022

EOSAM includes topic

TOM6: Optical Materials: crystals, glasses, thin films, nanostructures/nanocrystals, metasurfaces, organic molecules and polymers, synthesis...

Optical materials are vital for multiple current and future industrial applications and continuously generate important investigations with major scientific and technological challenges. For example, in many fields of photonics the fabrication and structuring of thin films at the micro and nanometric scale is essential, such as for optical nanoantennas and metasurfaces. Simple and easy-to-implement techniques such as the sol-gel processes and solution based synthesis, and costly ones such as epitaxy, MOVPE, laser ablation (PLD), and rf sputtering are commonly used to produce different optical materials. Correlation between the material optical characteristics and its structural, compositional and morphological properties is of great importance. Eventually, there are significant needs to develop innovative techniques for the fabrication of new materials, as well as to develop simple and efficient characterization techniques. These needs have given rise to multidisciplinary research with the ambition to provide optical materials and devices from an approach linking the desired performances to the nano and micro structure.