Data pubblicazione: 23-giu-2014 7.51.06

Symposium CL Inorganic Materials Systems for Optical and Photonic Applications.

Optical materials and photonic structures are among the forefront enabling technologies to address successfully social-economical challenges that we are facing in many fields going from health care to security, from energy production and saving to efficient and clean industrial cycles, from environmental protection to fast and efficient communications.

This symposium is to provide insight into the fabrication, characterisation and exploitation of inorganic optical materials and photonic structures based on ceramics (oxides, oxinitrides, fluorides, sulphides, etc..), oxide-organic hybrids, inorganic non-metallic glasses, and ceramic/metal and glass/metal combinations in the form of nanostructured bulk and graded materials and coatings, fibres, thin films and other small confined systems, nanomaterials, nanocomposites and functional nanoparticles.

Focus will be on fundamental principles, modelling, and fabrication technologies of novel adaptive and active material systems for the intelligent management of light including e.g. luminescent and laser materials, smart optical fibres, active plasmonic heterostructures and optical metamaterials, novel confined nano-microstructures, etc. with the aim of underlying possible convergences and interactions among them.