Data pubblicazione: 08-apr-2024

Joint Conference of "Advanced Technologies 
and Materials" and "Materials Science Conference on Advanced Functional Materials"

5th - 7th June 2024, Wroclaw, Poland

ATAM & MASCA 2024 is a joint conference proposed by Wrocław’s material engineering society, linking two events: Symposium on „Advanced Technologies and Materials (ATAM)” – organized every two years by Łukasiewicz – PORT and „Materials Science Conference on Advanced Functional Materials (MASCA)” – a novel conference, proposed by Materials Engineering Committee of the Wrocław Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

ATAM & MASCA 2024 aims to bring together and provide a collaborative environment to exchange ideas and develop knowledge to chemists, physicists and engineers, working on the development of advanced materials, which could be applied in energy harvesting, various nanotechnologies, novel sensors, microlasers and other miniaturized photonic devices, including but not limited to.

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