11 February - The International Day of
Women and Girls in Science

Data pubblicazione: 07-feb-2022

The United Nations General Assembly declared 11 February as the International Day of Women and Girls in Science in 2015:


Our Research Unit is proud to celebrate this Day thanking our female Colleagues for their invaluable scientific and human support to the common research. We would like to congratulate all of them for their strong motivation, proactive approach, outstanding management, and broad spectrum vision of scientific development.

Cristina Armellini

Alice Carlotto

Antonella Cavalleri

Serena degli Avancini

Anna Szczurek

Lam T. N. Tran

Cristina Armellini at the African School and Workshop on X-rays in Materials 2012, Dakar, Senegal

Alice Carlotto in sol-gel photonics Laboratory

Serena degli Avancini Administrative Officer of the Research Unit

Anna Szczurek performing M-line measurements

Lam T. N. Tran in setting up a photoluminescence measurement on a rare-earth-doped luminescent film