Haringer Stephan
CEO Scientific-Solutions. Scientific Solutions Ltd

SunEdison Semiconductor
web: http://www.sunedisonsemi.com

Scientific Solutions
Vicolo Karthein, 7
39020 Castelbello - Ciardes
Alto Adige (BZ)

Mob. +39 338 485 1091
e-mail: info@scientific-solutions.eu
web: http://scientific-solutions.eu

Curriculum of Haringer Stephan

Stephan Haringer received the Master degree in Chemistry from the Leopold Franzens University Innsbruck, Austria, in 2009/2010. Afterwards he joined the “Sunedison Semiconductor” Company where, in an industrial cooperation with the University of Trento, Italy, he received his PhD in Physics in 2015. During his PhD he gained broad experience with many aspects of the silicon crystal manufacturing and fluid-dynamic simulation. In addition in 2012 he founded a startup company involved in electronics and chemistry. Currently he is working at the “Sunedison Semiconductor” Company as a Senior Research Scientist, where his main research interests are in new techniques for the production of electronic grade silicon crystals by the Czochralski- and Continuous Czochralski Process. He is co-author of four papers published in scientific journals and filed nine patents (US, EU, and international) on silicon crystal growth technology. Furthermore he obtained several industrial awards in the field of semiconductor silicon.