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RF-Sputtering facility

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Rf-Sputtering of dielectric materials for photonic applications

The RF magnetron sputtering apparatus is provided with 2 rectangular target with dimension of 50,8 x 143 mm; dimension of the substrate holder 100 x 70 mm and distance between substrate and target of about 250 mm.
A power supply from Advance Energy factory mod. Astral with 200W maximum power is used. Chiller Donaldson mod. UC0020SP is employed for cooling of the targets.
Substrate are placed above the target and can be moved from one to the other target. The temperature of the substrate is monitored.
Alcatel dry primary pump mod. ADP31, Edwards XDS35i and Alcatel mag. lev. turbo molecular pump mod. ATH1600 are used.
Vacuum pressure before the deposition is at around 10-8 mbar and deposition processes are performed in Ar atmosphere at 5.4x10-3 mbar.

 Sample holder  Targets with shutters