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posted Sep 4, 2013, 3:55 AM by Stefano Varas   [ updated Sep 4, 2013, 4:19 AM ]

International Conference on Micro- and nano-photonic materials and devices

The MINAP Conference (Micro- and nano-photonic materials and devices), held in Trento (Italy) on January 16-18, 2012, focused on the properties of photonic materials and devices at micro and nano-scale, as well as on their novel or advanced applications, especially in telecommunications, computing, sensing, and energy.

MINAP 2012 also represented the Final Conference of the COST Action MP0702: Towards Functional Sub-Wavelength Photonic Structures, that has had as a main objective to establish active links between European laboratories working in the field of artificial materials for photonics applications, where the structural dimensions are at or below the wavelength of light. Effective links, however, were also established with laboratories in non-EU Countries, such as Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Canada, Japan, Korea, Moldova, Morocco, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, Ukraina.