Seminar Announcement: Maria Aymerich

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Monday, 29 May 2017, 15:00
Sala Grande Palazzina B via alla Cascata 56/C

"Laser microstructuring of materials for biomedical applications"

Maria Aymerich
Dep. Fisica Applicata, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
A Coruña, Spain

In this talk, microstructuring of different materials with laser for biomedical applications will be presented. Firstly, we will comment how endothelial cell behaviour can be altered by modifying the surface topography of biocompatible materials using the Talbot effect and a microlens array. Secondly, the fabrication and biological validation of a microchip for capturing circulating tumour cells will be shown. Finally, we will focus on the design and fabrication of preclinical devices that mimic large blood vessels for performing flux experiments to study cardiovascular pathologies. The biocompatibility of the device will be presented as well as a study of different sol-gel coatings to enhance the lifetime of these devices.

Siamo Europa

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Da venerdì 12 maggio ore 09:00 a domenica 14 maggio ore 18:00
Trento, piazza Fiera, 12-13-14 maggio 2017

A 60 anni dai Trattati di Roma l'annuale Festa dell'Europa si dà una nuova veste. Dal 12 al 14 maggio in piazza Fiera si svolgerà "Siamo Europa", una tre giorni dedicata all'Unione europea: incontri, spettacoli, libri, presentazione di progetti...e altro ancora.

Sarà presente anche CNR-IFN con uno stand informativo, che presentarà il suo progetto di ricerca cofinanziato dal programma europeo ERANet-LAC 2nd Joint Call on Research and Innovation.
RECOLA - Recovery of lanthanides and other metals from WEEE

Vieni a trovarci

Photo Gallery, RECOLA - Siamo Europa - 12-13-14 May 2017


ICMS 2017

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XIVth International Conference on Molecular Spectroscopy
held in Białka Tatrzańska, Poland
September 3-7, 2017

The congress is devoted to different branches of molecular spectroscopy and their wide applications in chemistry, physics, biochemistry, biology, medicine, arts, earth and materials sciences. It covers all aspects of molecular spectroscopic techniques together with theoretical and computational methods of investigation of the structure and dynamics of molecular systems.

The Conference opening lecture will be delivered by Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, professor in the department of chemistry at the Mellon College of Science, Carnegie Mellon University.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

More detailed information can be found on the webpage:


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7th International Workshop on Photoluminescence in Rare Earths (PRE'17): Photonic Materials and Devices
November 30 - December 2, 2017 | Rome, Italy

PRE’17 is the seventh event in the series of International Workshops covering a wide range of research topics concerning the properties and applications of rare-earth ions in optoelectronics and photonics. The series begun in Trento, Italy in May 2005 (PRE’05), followed by PRE’07 again in Trento, PRE’10 in Firenze (Italy), PRE’12 in Kyoto (Japan), PRE’14 in San Sebastián (Spain), PRE’16 in Greenville (USA). The next event, after the decision to move the Workshop to the odd years, will be held in Rome, Italy, at the end of 2017.

More than 600 scientists and students from more than 30 countries, in total, have attended the previous Workshops. The average size of each event, around 100 people, makes for a collegial environment where students and world experts can mingle and talk in an informal and effective way.

Over the past decade, an increasing number of luminescent materials have been reported, based on the properties of rare earth ions embedded in different matrices (crystalline, amorphous and glass ceramics; oxides, fluorides, chalcogenides, organics, ….) or contained in molecular complexes.
These materials have already been been widely employed in light sources and amplifiers, optical displays, fluorescent probes, luminescent labels, frequency converters, detectors, and so on, thus covering fields ranging from telecommunication to sensing, from medical diagnosis to energy. Despite of it, there are still increasing demands for novel functions to further extend their practical applications.

This PRE Workshop, like the previous ones, aims at providing a forum for material scientists, chemists and physicists where to debate about the state of the art and the perspectives of the photonic materials based on rare earth ions. Both fundamental photoluminescence properties and application oriented material investigations will be considered.
We would like to welcome all the interested experts from different countries in the world to PRE’17, which will be held on November 30 - December 2, 2017 in one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in the world: Roma.

Dominik Dorosz, Maurizio Ferrari, Laeticia Petit
PRE’17 co-chairs

Giancarlo C. Righini
PRE’17 honorary chair

SHIFT 2017

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Spectral sHapIng For biomedial and energy applicaTions
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
November, 13-17, 2017

Important dates
Abstract submission: open from december 2016

Spectral shaping of light is an emerging route for enhancing the efficiency of various solar energy harvesting, storage and conversion processes facing the increasing demand for energy supply, from photovoltaics to photocatalysis, natural and artificial photosynthesis and solar fuels generation, where usually large parts of the solar spectrum are not efficiently utilized. Moreover the use of light in life sciences, within the well-known infrared therapeutic windows (deeper penetration and lower tissue damage) and subsequent wavelength transformation to higher or lower energies provides ground-breaking applications in photodynamic cancer therapy and bio-imaging. Interdisciplinary efforts from physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, materials science and engineering will certainly be required to overcome current challenges leading the way for spectral shaping of light to be a future key technology.

"SHIFT 2017" International Conference shows up as a cutting-edge multidisciplinary platform to gather presentations and discussions of recent achievements by leading researchers in wavelength shifting luminescence processes (quantum cutting, down-shifting, up–conversion...), as a very promising and not yet fully explored route.

Join us in warm and sunny Tenerife (Canary Islands) in November 2017 to make a significant shift to state-of-the art spectral shaping for biomedical and energy applications.

The SHIFT happens in Tenerife!

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