SPIE Photonics Europe 2020

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Fiber Lasers and Glass Photonics: Materials through Applications
held in Strasbourg, France
29 March - 2 April 2020

2020 Call for Papers is now open

         Session Topics

- Materials and Components
- Fibers and Waveguide Sources
- Applications
- Industrial Session
- Special Session: session dedicated to European projects
- Special Session: dedicated to Early Stage Researchers and Woman scientists

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Symposium CL
Inorganic Materials Systems for Advanced Photonics

The fruitful exploitation of optical ceramics and glasses and related photonic structures and devices as crucial pivots for the development of several enabling technologies provides a large spectrum of functionalities that allow us to face successfully socio- economic challenges in many fields going from energy production and saving to efficient and clean industrial cycles, from environmental protection to fast efficient novel communication systems, from structural monitoring to quantum technologies and to healthcare applications.
This Symposium, that follows the several ones on similar subject held at previous CIMTEC conferences, is to provide latest insights on fabrication, characterization and exploitation of photonic structures based on ceramics (oxides, oxynitrides, fluorides, sulphides, chalcogenides, etc...) inorganic non-metallic glasses, glass- ceramics, and ceramic/metal and glass/metal combinations in the form of nanostructured, bulk and graded materials and coatings, fibres, thin films, superlattices and other small confined systems, nanomaterials, nanocomposites and functional nanoparticles.
Focus will be on theory, modelling and simulation of materials and processes, green and advanced fabrication protocols (self assembly, particle beams, light irradiation, micromachining, colloidal processing...) and up-to-date characterization of structure, non-linear optical properties, tunability, nanosize effects etc. of novel inorganic photonic materials systems for light generation, detection, and manipulation including e.g. luminescent and laser materials, smart optical fibres, active plasmonic heterostructures, novel confined nano-micro structures etc. covering the UHV-IR electromagnetic spectrum.
Contributions from Academia and industry on upgraded or novel application and prospective new approaches to photonic-based technologies are also firmly encouraged.

         Session Topics

CL-1 Photonic nanomaterials and nanostructures
CL-2 Luminescent and chromogenic ceramics and glass systems
CL-3 Electro-optical and magneto-optical materials
CL-4 Laser materials
CL-5 Inorganic optical fibers
CL-6 Photons management
CL-7 Advances in characterization techniques
CL-8 Ongoing applications and forecasts

Giornata Internazionale della Luce

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Sala Grande FBK, Via Santa Croce 77, Trento
dalle ore 8:45 alle ore 13:15

La luce è vita e come tale plasma le nostre vite e la nostra storia. Cinque scienziati provenienti da differenti aree del sapere e della società civile discuteranno su:

  • Il vetro, la sfera e la luce: dalla lente al microlaser
  • Luce e orticoltura
  • La luce al servizio della medicina: i biosensori ottici
  • Luce - Ricerca e tradizione culturale
  • Luce e ontologia: visione artificiale e metodo geometrico

Presentazioni IDL2019

   Open Presentazioni IDL2019 in Google Drive

Giornata Internazionale della Luce 2019, Photo Gallery


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8th International Workshop on Photoluminescence in Rare Earths (PRE'19): Photonic Materials and Devices
4-6 September 2019 | Nice, France

PRE’19 is the eighth event in the series of International Workshops covering a wide range of research topics concerning the properties and applications of rare-earth ions in optoelectronics and photonics. The series begun in Trento, Italy in May 2005 (PRE’05), followed by PRE’07 again in Trento, PRE’10 in Firenze (Italy), PRE’12 in Kyoto (Japan), PRE’14 in San Sebastián (Spain), PRE’16 in Greenville (USA) and PRE'17 in Roma (Italy).

The Photoluminscence in Rare Earths: Photonic Materials and Devices (PRE) workshop aims to provide a global forum for material scientists, chemists and physicists to discuss and debate the state of the art and future perspectives of rare earth based materials for optoelectronic and photonic applications. Both fundamental photoluminescent materials, properties, and applications are considered.

More than 700 scientists and students from more than 30 countries, in total, have attended the previous Workshops. The average size of each event, around 100 people, makes for a collegial environment where students and world experts can mingle and talk in an informal and effective way.

You are cordially invited to participate in PRE'19 to be held on 4-6 September 2019 in Nice, France. We welcome you to submit your most recent findings and join the community of scholars advancing the field of light emission based on rare-earth doped materials.

Looking forward to meeting you in the French Riviera !

Wilfried Blanc, Pieter Dorenbos, Fiorenzo Vetrone
PRE'19 Co-chairs

Giancarlo C. Righini
PRE'19 Honorary chair

ICMS 2019

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XV th International Conference on Molecular Spectroscopy
held in the Wojanów Palace (Karkonosze Mountains), Poland
15-19 September 2019

The conference topics are focused on a wide range of molecular spectroscopy in relationship with molecular materials, biological systems and nanostructures.
We hope that the conference will be an opportunity to initiate and develop contacts with spectroscopists from different countries.

More detailed information can be found on the webpage:

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