Roberta Ramponi President of the ICO

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We are pleased to congratulate with our Director Roberta Ramponi, who has been elected President of the International Commission for Optics (ICO).

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Attività di Outreach “Esploratori della Fotonica”

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Il giorno 6 marzo, nell’ambito del progetto "Esploratori della Fotonica", iniziativa realizzata con il contributo della Fondazione Caritro, coordinata dall’Istituito di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie (IFN) del CNR, in collaborazione con la Fondazione Bruno Kessler, si terrà il primo seminario tematico per gli studenti degli Istituti Liceo Scientifico "Galileo Galilei" di Trento, Liceo Scientifico "Da Vinci" di Trento, Istituto di Istruzione "A. Degasperi" di Borgo Valsugana ed Liceo "Antonio Rosmini" di Rovereto.

Seguiranno visite programmate ai laboratori di IFN e FBK che consentiranno agli studenti di approfondire concetti teorici e confrontarsi con le tecnologie impiegate nel mondo della ricerca.

Maggiori informazioni si possono trovare sul sito del progetto:


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XXIIIrd International Krutyń Summer School
Krutyń, Masurian Lake District, Poland,
May 20-26, 2018

The XXIIIrd International Krutyn Summer School - “Advanced Lanthanide Molecules and Materials for Bioimaging and Medical Diagnostics: State of the Art” - is organized by the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland, and the University of Geneva, Switzerland. This Summer School aims at the state-of-the-art training in the form of lectures and discussion sessions designed for Ph.D. students and young researchers seeking to reinforce their knowledge and skills in the field of advanced medical diagnostics. Top experts in this area will deliver lectures and discussion sessions. The school is intended both for people already active in this R&D field, as well as for those new to the field. A number of social events will be also proposed to relax after the heavily-scheduled program, including discotheque, bonfire, boats on Krutynia River, guided, or individual out-door activities (kayaking, trekking, bicycling, Nordic walking, high-class ballooning, etc.). The Local Organizing Committee cordially invites you to take part in this Summer School.

Find out more here: or contact directly the organizers:


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Symposium CL
Inorganic Materials Systems for Advanced Photonics

The fruitful exploitation of optical ceramics and glasses and related photonic structures and devices as crucial pivots for the development of several enabling technologies provides a large spectrum of functionalities that allow us to face successfully socio- economic challenges in many fields going from energy production and saving to efficient and clean industrial cycles, from environmental protection to fast efficient novel communication systems, from structural monitoring to quantum technologies and to healthcare applications.
This Symposium, that follows the several ones on similar subject held at previous CIMTEC conferences, is to provide latest insights on fabrication, characterization and exploitation of photonic structures based on ceramics (oxides, oxynitrides, fluorides, sulphides, chalcogenides, etc...) inorganic non-metallic glasses, glass- ceramics, and ceramic/metal and glass/metal combinations in the form of nanostructured, bulk and graded materials and coatings, fibres, thin films, superlattices and other small confined systems, nanomaterials, nanocomposites and functional nanoparticles.
Focus will be on theory, modelling and simulation of materials and processes, green and advanced fabrication protocols (self assembly, particle beams, light irradiation, micromachining, colloidal processing...) and up-to-date characterization of structure, non-linear optical properties, tunability, nanosize effects etc. of novel inorganic photonic materials systems for light generation, detection, and manipulation including e.g. luminescent and laser materials, smart optical fibres, active plasmonic heterostructures, novel confined nano-micro structures etc. covering the UHV-IR electromagnetic spectrum.
Contributions from Academia and industry on upgraded or novel application and prospective new approaches to photonic-based technologies are also firmly encouraged.

SPIE Photonics Europe 2018

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Fiber Lasers and Glass Photonics: Materials through Applications
held in Strasbourg, France
22 - 26 April 2018

2018 Call for Papers is now open

Present your research at the only cross-disciplinary optics and photonics event covering the most significant photonics technologies—from digital optics to quantum technologies to attosecond science. Look for new topics in 2018, including 3D printed optics, photonic glasses, optical biopolymers, and unconventional optical imaging.

More detailed information can be found on the webpage:

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