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Luminescence facility


Excitation Sources

Nd:Yag Laser

 Quanta Systems Nd:Yag Laser  10 Hz repetition rate with 8 nm pulsewidth @ 1064 nm  Second and third Harmonic output

Dye Laser

 Dye laser pumped by Nd:Yag laser

Laser diode

 515 nm laser diode oxxius mod. LBX-488-200-CSB-PPA with Clean up filter and circular beam output  488 nm laser diode oxxius mod. LBX-515-150-CSB-PPA with Clean up filter and circular beam output  375 nm laser diode oxxius mod. LBX-375-70-CSB-PP with circular beam output

 980 nm laser diode with lenses and anamorphic prisms for circular beam output  405 nm laser diode rgblasersystems mod. NovaPro 405-175 with option for circular beam output  Compact Laser Diode Controller CLD1010LP with Pigtailed TO Can Laser Diodes LP637-SF70 @ 638.5nm

 Fiber Laser Diode (1475 nm/220mW@700mA, 1544 nm/3mW@250mA, 977 nm/110mW@192mA) controlled by Modular Laser Diode Controller LDC-3900 ILX Lightwave

Excitation Lamp

 Xenon lamp 450W coupled to Monochromator Horiba mod. microHR for excitation measurements

Visible Luminescence

 Spex double grating monochromator with resolution in the visible region of 1 cm-1, photon counting measurements regime with time resolution of 18 ns

NIR Luminescence

 Jobin Yvon triax 320 monocromator with gratings blazed at 1500 and 1000 nm, front input and front or side output. Prism coupling configuration for luminescence in waveguide configuration in foreground  Hamamatsu NIR PMT mod. H10330-75 TE Cooled operating in photon counting configuration from 950 to 1700 mn  Horiba 2 color (Si/InGaAs) solid state detector, Peltier cooled, operating from visible to 1650 nm

Absolute PL Quantum Yield

 Absolute photoluminescence quantum yields (internal quantum efficiency) of light-emitting materials mod. Hamamatsu Quantaurus-QY C11347-11, PL measurement wavelength range 300 to 950 nm, 150 W xenon light source - excitation wavelength 250 to 850 nm

WGM emission characterization

 Optical Spectrum Analizer Anritsu mod. MS9710B operating from 600 to 1750 nm  Tapered fiber coupling system to spherical microresonator. PI nanocube piezo movements, stereoscope with ccd camera for allignemet. Diode laser fibred sources at 1550, 1480, 980 nm with isolators and WDM