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Absorption Measurements

Varian Cary 5000 UV-VIS-NIR absorption spectrometer:

The Cary Varian 5000 spectrometer permits to perform optical transmission measurements from 175 to 3300 nm. The experimental setup include transmission measurements on bulk and liquid samples, reflection measurements at fixed (12.5 degree) and Variable Angle Specular Reflectance Accessory (VASRA: 20-70 degree), and an internal integrating sphere for diffuse reflectance measurements (DRA 2500, 200 – 2500 nm).

Technique description:

In spectroscopy, the absorbance A (also called optical density) is defined as A(λ) = - log(Iλ /I0) where I(λ) is the intensity of light at a specified wavelength λ that has passed through a sample (transmitted light intensity) and I0 is the intensity of the light before it enters the sample or incident light intensity (or power). Absorbance measurements are often carried out in analytical chemistry or material science, since the absorbance of a sample is proportional to the thickness of the sample and the concentration of the absorbing species in the sample, in contrast to the transmittance (Iλ /I0) of a sample, which varies logarithmically with thickness and concentration. In a similar manner it is possible to extract the spectral dependence of the real part of the refractive index n(λ).

Technical Data:

 Light sources  Deuterium lamp (175 – 350 nm)
 Halogen lamp (350 – 3300 nm)
 Detectors  R928 PMT (185 – 800 nm)
 Cooled PbS (800 – 3300 nm)
 Photometric range  8 Abs (with rear beam attenuator)
 Spectral bandwidth  UV-VIS 0.01 to 5 nm
 NIR 0.04 to 20 nm

 Figure 1: Cary Varian 5000 spectrometer

 Figure 2: Bulk sample holder

 Figure 3: Variable Angle Specular Reflectance Accessory
(VASRA: 20-70 degree)

 Figure 4: Integrating sphere working from 200 to 2500nm